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Flower Cart ☕️💐

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

Flowers and coffee who doesn’t love them… one or the other or maybe both.. I personally am obsessed with both. My first love of course is Flowers and that is why I love helping brides make their floral dreams come true for their big day. Outside of weddings I had been dreaming of a flower cart for festivals and such for a long time and was finally in the works of building one. I was meeting with a bride at Vibez coffee, and got a coffee and a muffin and it hit me I cant be the only one who love both flowers and coffee… and there has to be brides out there who would want a fun experience for their big day… I thought how fun would it be to have a cart that comes to your venue that you can make DIY bridesmaids bouquets, and have Vibez coffee and danish the morning of your wedding to create a fun and memorable experience for your big day… you want just the cart and coffee for your wedding reception we got you covered. Vibez has the best coffee around and our cart adds just the touch to make you wedding extra special. honestly the possibilities are endless with the cart… bachelorette parties, birthdays, you name it! I’m so excited to be able to share just a little bit of my love of flowers and coffee with Cleveland and Chattanooga. 🖤☕️💐

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