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Let me introduce myself 💁🏻‍♀️🌿✨

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Hey, my name is Rebekah. I am the owner of Agape Blooms Design. How did a 27 year old woman decide to become a Florist? 😂 I’m glad you asked. Actually my journey has taken so many twists and turns from completely opposite things. I graduated high school not having any clue what I wanted to do or be. I thought, hey, maybe I’ll find the man of my dreams become a mom and that would be my life. Well, as you can imagine that’s not how my story has turned out. Once graduation came, I new that I would find a job and a husband would follow. Right? No. 😂 Anyways I started working at a preschool. It was part time and absolutely fun, that next year that job became full time and I started teaching my lovely three year olds. I absolutely loved my time teaching them. I was there for about 5 years and Thought I could work there forever. But God had other plans for my life. I ended up leaving my job not knowing where I was going. You’re probably saying oh My Goodness this girl is absolutely crazy... Yea it gets better 😂 so after I left, about a month later, I started working at a local nursing home as a receptionist... I know completely opposite of what I had been doing, but this was still all apart of Gods plan for my life. I was there 2 years when the opportunity for a promotion arose And I went for it. I was there for another year and half when my life there change even more. I was now in a management position and Boy was that crazy. So your probably wondering, Rebekah when did you start working with flowers and why? I actually started working with florals for friends weddings in 2018 and started to fall in love with the work. I had always had a love for flowers and arranging them In vases but had no clue that that’s what I would be doing. God new that I would need certain qualities about myself in order to start this journey and I would need a little nudge... so remember when I quite my job at the preschool with no job ahead for me... well in 2019 I decided to go full time with the business and make it everything that I could, work had become so stressful that I started to become someone I didn’t even know. I knew I needed a change. The Lord had laid it on my heart about a year prior but I just would step out... So with all the added stress of my job I made the decision and I quite my job stepped out on faith and here we are. Needless to say things May have not turned out how I thought they would when I graduated high school and it has had its ups and downs but I wouldn’t change it for anything. I don’t know of a better way to end this blog post then with a picture of flowers. I hope all you lovely people have a wonderful day. Happy reading. 🖤✨

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Apr 16, 2020

So proud of you! God has given you a gift and He will bless you as you use it for Him. Love you!

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