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Three things to do before meeting with your florist 🌿

You’re engaged and You’re on cloud nine… you are getting to marry your best friend. 🎉 This time has so many emotions that come with it. It can be overwhelming and of course planning your big day can be stressful. That’s where your vendors can help ease that stress. From coordinators, food vendors, and florals ect. Where do you start?

Have your wedding date set and venue booked

Meetings, meetings, meetings… 🤪 Before meeting with your florist or any other vendor you should have your date set and venue booked. This ensures that when you plan meetings that you are potentially not wasting your time and you can get the vendors of your dreams Without getting your hopes crashed. Whatever your priorities are for vendors; photographers, florist, DJs having your venue and date firm helps relieve your stress from the very start.

Know your colors and overall vibe

Whether you are wanting a lot of colors, a more classic bride, or you want boho all the way. Having some sort of idea of your colors and theme will help your florist create the flowers magic you deserve. You can most definitely hone in on your exact details when you meet with them and your coordinator (which I highly recommend booking a coordinator, even if it’s just day of, the amount of stress this takes off is unreal) I know now a days EVERYONE has Pinterest which is an amazing resource, but it can be a bit overwhelming. My suggestion is once you get a theme create a new wedding board and then only pin the ideas you are going to use. This will help keep things organized and keep with the vibe you are going for.

Trust you florist

If you are anything like me it’s hard to not be hands on and do things yourself… I 1000% get it. But one the greatest pieces of advice I can give is when you book your vendors, book ones you can trust to execute your dream wedding who really get what your dream is and then trust them. I know it’s easier said then done but This gives your vendors that extra boost of confidence and more freedom to create your fairytale wedding! Trust me it helps! 😉💐

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